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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maybe it will rain today, and I would like that.  I would hide away, on the couch, with a book, coming to this computer only when the corporate interviews called, the work emails pinged in.  I would not say to myself, Beth.  Get up.  Exercise.  Beth.  Get up.  Take a walk.  Beth.  Get up.  Get ahead of all on which you are behind.

If it doesn't rain, I won't be easy on myself.  I will spend too much time at this computer, worrying slightly over what to write next.  I will hunt for the emails I never answered.  (I am sorry; there are so many; I forget.)  I will get up and I will walk, south, a mile or so, to the old stone church and the cemetery of trees and ruin, where just this past Sunday I went, checking the door on the chapel and finding it open and entering, in trespass, the suburban outlaw in me sitting alone in the pews and clicking the camera, just once.

Maybe it will rain.


Serena said...

Its been raining here...south of you...maybe it is moving onward to you outlaw!

Jody said...

Yup, you got it.

I pray for rain. Right now, on the Eastern shore of Maryland, thunder rumbles off in the distance, but the sun is still hot and strong. The dog, though, is staying close, as if he knows a storm is coming.

Fingers crossed.

I'm sure no one needs a good book recommendation since our piles of "To Be Read" are towering, but I'm taking every opportunity to spread the word about the novel I'm reading right now. It's so good! A CURABLE ROMANTIC by Joseph Skibell.

So ... I raise my martini glass ... to rain.

patti.mallett_pp said...

Rain - the mini vacation freedom release giver. May it come your way today.

I love this entire descriptive post - and the photo, especially the view of sky through two lined up windows.

Sneaking into empty churches - one of my favorite things.

Melissa Sarno said...

It rained here. I hope it rained there. I hope you are okay, lovely Beth, as you hide away.

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