The Small Damages Launch Party: Radnor Memorial Library, September 12.

Monday, August 27, 2012

My books are never quite yet real books to me until I get to share them with Pamela Sedor of the Radnor Memorial Library and my own Main Line community.  Pam brings cake.  Pam (a knock-out international-class rower, by the way) orders punch.  Pam dresses in high but somehow still understated fashion, shines like a star, gives me a hug, and I stand up there and read.  I read from a book I have loved, a book I have inevitably struggled with, a book that I do want to share with my friends.  This is my chance to share my book with my friends.

That book, this sweet season after summer, is Small Damages, a book that has been humbled by kindnesses from near and far (beginning with Tamra Tuller's yes, long ago, and fortified by Jessica Shoffel's care).  For more about this book and the journey it has taken since its release on July 19th, please visit this dedicated Small Damages page.

So join us, if you can, on September 12, 7:30 PM, at the Radnor Memorial Library.  The details are here, in this poster Pam and her team created. 


Serena said...

I wish that I could be there, but my spirit will be...cheering you on.

Pam Sedor said...

Just read your beach vacation story in the Inky and was going to drop you a line, Beth. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.I am looking forward to "our" book launch as that is the closest I'll ever get to being an author myself!I'll just stand next to you and Libby all night.I love my job! And I hope to do some small damage to your cake, too...:)

Joyce Ray said...

Beth, I just purchased Small Damages today from my NH indie bookstore. I will probably be reading while you are launching! Have a great party!

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