Handling the Truth arrives: a moment of quiet glory

Friday, October 19, 2012

Forgive my silence these past few days; I have been studying Handling the Truth, reading it slow.

Then, just as I was finishing my review of the proof pages, UPS knocked on the door.

Here she is, so gloriously covered and cared for by the fantastic team at Gotham.  Galleys, of course, for the book won't be released until next August. But so much to hold onto, between now and then.

This feels like a life's work.  Dangerous.  Precious.  Everything ripe and rich.  Fueled, at its heart, by the beauty of my students.  I am grateful for so many things.

For more on Handling, go here.


The1stdaughter said...

Oh Yay! I love it! How wonderfully exciting. I can't wait to see it make it's way out into the world. Congratulations Beth!

Karen said...

Congrats, Beth! Can't wait to read it. Now to figure out how this commenting feature works...

[later] I am having trouble convincing Google I am not a robot.

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