in which I reunite with loved students at Penn and share thoughts about truth with Cindy Kaplan, James Martin, and John Prendergast

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The images above capture a happy late afternoon at the Kelly Writers House of the University of Pennsylvania, where I engaged with colleagues, students, and memoirists in a conversation about memoir and read, for the first time, from Handling the Truth.  To John Prendergast, our fearless moderator, to Cindy Kaplan (gigantically funny), to Jim Martin (deeply moving), to Al Filreis (who created and perpetuates this homey Writers House), to Jessica Lowenthal (who leads), and to my students Liz (not pictured here), Andrea, Katie, Beryl, and Nabil:  thank you.  The day will always be fondly remembered.


Al Filreis said...

A terrific reading, an event with a warm feeling.

patti.mallett_pp said...

It looks like such a cozy, friendly gathering. :)

frank wigmore said...

This was my first venture into the confines of the Kelly Writers House and it was quite an experience to say the least. I was really moved by the intimacy of the venue and the accessibility to the authors.

After reading an article in the Philadelphia Inquire about you, I was drawn to your blog where I first learned about the Kelly House and the presentation. I was particularly interested in Rev James Martin and the story about the lost of his friend and his reaction," being mad at God for letting this happen." It was especially poignant for me when he described his encounter with their mutual friend a "fundamental Christian"and being blown away by her response.

Thanks so much !

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