I watch "The Voice," and I love Cee Lo Green (and Blake Shelton)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's as simple as that.

Because the man sits on the edge of his funny-looking chair and, with absorbing intensity, with a giant, declarative heart, believes in those who are singing.

Because when they do what he claims he cannot do as a performer, when they hit notes that he says are beyond him, when they have what he calls a God-given talent, he is genuine and never envious in his appreciation.  He speaks with awe.

Because when they move him, he tells them why, he tells them how.

Because how often do we get to see mentors who step aside to make room for others, coaches who do not boast of their own influence, artists who believe there will always be more room for artists and who do not fear talent greater than their own?

Arrogance is insulating.  Selfishness is a form of rot.  Cee Lo Green (and Blake Shelton, too) step aside to make room for others.  When they do, we see how large they are.


Alice Elliott Dark said...

Beth, I watch The Voice too, when I can--I like the blind auditions the best. I love all four of them for the same reasons you write about Cee Lo. I am always amazed at what they hear that I can't. They all love music and voice, beyond their own egos. It feels very real for that reason, in spite of the artifice of the show.

Melissa Sarno said...

I will admit to having a strange crush on Cee Lo Green. You should know, Beth, that you are this kind of mentor to others. With your own huge talent and heart.

kelly said...

Last night's Voice was extraordinary.
It really was. I had no idea we had this show in common! Something else to discuss.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

What Melissa said. So true.

And in this house we, too, are glued to The Voice for the very reasons you state.

Gifts are meant to be shared.

patti.mallett_pp said...

Love that Blake and his way with words - and his deep humility. (Will make a note to pay more attention to Cee Lo. I'm usually drooling over Adam instead of paying attention to Cee Lo, since they sit side-by-side.)

patti.mallett_pp said...

I haven't seen last night's show yet, since I watch on Hulu (and don't have a TV.) I'll pay attention to everyone. ;)

Liviania said...

I enjoy watching the voice. I think all four judges do a wonderful job. When they do have something negative to say, it's never mean.

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