Small Damages: a book, and a cover, blessed

Friday, November 30, 2012

And so, in this week of breathtaking kindness, I want to thank some special people for throwing light my way.

Ed Nawotka, for inviting me to give the keynote address at the Publishing Perspectives conference and for subsequently running the talk today on the Publishing Perspectives site.  To all of you have retweeted the talk, thank you.

Jen Doll, for including Small Damages as one of the top 25 book covers here, on the Atlantic Wire, and for making this the year to remember with her New York Times Book Review thoughts about the book last July.

The YALSA folks for naming Small Damages to the BFYA list.

CMRLS Teen Scene for putting Small Damages on the Printz watch.

A.A. Omer, for giving Small Damages this glorious five-star review.

My friends, old and new, for being there.  My agent, Amy Rennert, for her enthusiasm.  And while this has absolutely nothing to do with Small Damages, a huge thanks to the Gotham team for being so wholly supportive of Handling the Truth, a book due out next August.  I will do everything in my power to earn your faith in me.

My father, for buying a copy of Small Damages, and making a go of reading it, even though it's not exactly this history lover's kind of book.

I have been in the book business a very long time.  I will hold onto these gifts, in memory, for the rest of my life.


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