Differences Magazine kindly blesses Small Damages

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Today, my thanks go out to Gina Lewis, who truly blesses Small Damages in Differences Magazine with this review.  My thanks, too, to Serena, for letting me know.

Gina writes of her wish that Small Damages would "continue on further."  Gina, if you are reading this, know that an entire sequel lives in my mind—that these characters are still living, dreaming, and remembering under the heat of southern Spain.  A baby has been born.  A new adventure simmers.


Unknown said...

Dear Ms. Kephart,
I woke up this morning realizing that I hadn't checked my reviews for Differences Magazine since the holidays, and was wonderfully surprised to see your thoughtful comment and link to your blog! I am an immense fan of your books and was so very tickled to know one of my favorite authors had read one of my reviews. (And I was more than happy to review Small Damages!) Thank you so much for this New Year gift, it's exciting to know you as well have thoughts of a sequel... I hope you have an amazing 2013!
Best Wishes, Gina

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