Most Lyrical—an honor of all honors on a wedding weekend

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I write this note from a hotel room in glorious downtown Asheville, NC, where, in just a few hours, Katherine Wilson will be marrying her Sean. Close to three dozen members of St. John's Presbyterian Church of Devon, PA, have traveled here to celebrate. I am as anticipatory and happy as the bride and feel especially graced by the opportunity to read out loud in that church today about how much I love Katherine.

While walking Asheville's streets yesterday (and falling in love with a piece of sculptural art that I, throwing all caution to all winds, bought and will share here soon), I received a note from Ruta Sepetys and Jessica Shoffel regarding a certain year-end listing in the Atlantic Wire. Apparently, Jen Doll asked writerly types to share their thoughts about this year's middle grade and YA books, and I am insanely blessed that Ruta named Small Damages the year's most lyrical YA book. I am in amazing company here, on this list, and I share it with you (in my clumsy I'm traveling fashion) here:

The fog is lifting outside my hotel window. I'm going to go take a river walk, then comb my ever-troublesome hair, put on a violet-blue dress and some lip gloss and drive to a chapel in the hills. I may not get through what I have to say without crying (did I mention how much I iove Katherine and her family?). But I will be there. Lyrical and all.


bermudaonion said...

Oh, how I adore Asheville! What a glorious setting for a wedding.

Missy K said...

Oh, goodness Beth-- you are an hour from my driveway in Greenville, SC! We drove through Asheville today on the way to a Christmas tree farm.

Enjoy the wedding and gorgeous western NC!

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