this vulnerability thing. it's always. it's truest. read George Saunders.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Joel Lovell has written a hell of a good piece about George Saunders in the The New York Times, and if I don't summarize it here, chances tick up that you'll go read it for yourself.  So I'm offering nothing more than this:  The piece is infused with the message I have long shared, the truth that I will forever stand by.  Remain vulnerable.

Here is Saunders reflecting on a nearly tragic airplane ride, or one that felt tragic at the time.  The plane he had been flying in had hit a flock of geese.  The cabin turned black.  The inevitable was upon him and those who traveled with.  Then he was safe.
"For three or four days after that," he said, "it was the most beautiful world.  To have gotten back in it, you know?  And I actually thought, If you could walk around like that all the time, to really have that awareness that it's actually going to end.  That's the trick."
We won't have this life for always.  Crack open your ribs.  Let life in.

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