Announcing Cleaver Magazine, Issue No. 1: Literature, Art, & Some Chickens

Monday, March 4, 2013

Not long ago you heard me boasting here about my dear friend Karen Rile, uber Penn prof (check out this article in the Pennsylvania Gazette on a recent award Karen deservedly won and what she did with that honor) and (with her daughter Lauren) lit magazine maker.

Today, I'm again privileged to share the news that the first true issue of the magazine has been launched (the last issue was the meta issue, or the half issue, or the .5). It's called Issue No. 1. It features some astonishing work by talents new and established, and it's worth every second you will now spend reading it.

I insist. You will stop now and you will read it.

There are, I warn you, chickens afoot. But I had nothing to do with that. Almost nothing to do with that.


Sarah Buttenwieser said...

Love the post and the chicken too.

patti.mallett_pp said...

Good stuff!! (most lyrical YA novel - WOOO*HOOO!!)

I thought I signed up to have this sent to my Inbox, but so far have not seen it. Will keep an eye out.

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