saying happy birthday to Tamra, because remembering each other is what we still do best

Friday, April 19, 2013

On a day that has us bewildered, at the end of a week that has broken our hearts, there are still the small things we can and must do. Kind things because most of us are kind. Thoughtful things, because we need each other.

Today is Tamra Tuller's birthday. She is my editor, now at Chronicle Books. She brought Small Damages into the world, she is launching We Could Be Heroes, and we are at work on a new book.

But that's not why I love her. I love her because I love her. Because we have the greatest conversation going, because we know and trust each other, because she is dear. I hope, Tamra, that today and this year yield their gifts to you. Every gift you want, may it be yours.


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