MUD: a movie so worth seeing

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I've been so buried that when I asked my husband if we could go out last evening (please?), see a movie, perhaps, I had no idea that there was a feature film as exquisitely good as "Mud" waiting for us. "Find a movie and we'll go," my husband said, ruling out "Gatsby" and hoping for "Hangover 3." I took advantage, saw this listing called "Mud," watched the trailer, and we went.

Incredibly glad that we did (and so is my husband). Two boys, a fugitive, an un/inconstant girlfriend, life on a river, snakes, and two questions: Is love a possibility? Does everybody lie?

Matthew McConaughey, by the way, is phenomenal. I have loved watching her career evolve. And those two kids? Yeah. The real deal.

I share the trailer above and here, in this link, the New York Times Anatomy of a Scene feature, in which Jeff Nichols, the film's writer/director, talks about steady cams, constant motion, and interleaving of perspective. 

We learn from other people's art. Also: We sit back and enjoy it.


patti.mallett_pp said...

That looks really good. Thanks for sharing, Beth. (I'm about due for a movie in the theater myself.) Glad you took a night off!

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