spending the weekend with my son; and words I once wrote, discovered by another

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We arrived just ahead of a massive storm. Ran through thinning rain drops. Settled down, then walked some more, and last night had a meal at a restaurant of his choosing. I took this photograph just as the storm was lifting. That's the Freedom Tower, fast becoming the western hemisphere's tallest building.

Today was glorious—a morning spent walking the quiet streets of SOHO, taking photos at the front doors of places we love, talking.

Children grow up. That's what they do. And when they are happy—when they have built their own lives, when they have made their own choices, when they show us their 'hoods and their homes—we are old and young in the same vast moment.

A happy day to all of you—no matter who you are or where your life has taken you.

And thank you to Melissa Middleman Firman, who discovered my words here alongside the words of truly great people. I often don't know what I'm doing standing in the same room as some of my heroes and heroines. I certainly don't know what to wear to the party. But I'm glad I was invited.


Adrienne said...

...we are old and young in the same moment. Yes, that...exactly! Glad you had a wonderful time in his new 'hood' - my day began when I discovered my kids had hacked my blog to wish me a happy mother's day! It was a good one!

Lilian Nattel said...

A gown made of your book covers. :)

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