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Monday, August 5, 2013

It's okay. I know you wonder. Is Beth Kephart...losing it? I wonder, too. I reflect on the probability, at odd hours of the day and night. And so, when the Creating in Flow blog of Psychology Today magazine invited me to write about process many weeks ago, I wrote about...this. About my need for silence in a crazy-making world. Many thanks to Susan K. Perry for making room for me.

The piece begins like this, below. The whole can be found here.
The lines had started to tangle. I was in danger of winking out, going cold, vanishing.


It was a case of too much. It was a series of scenarios in which I couldn’t remember names or small events, manage the pairings of nouns and verbs, or send an email without either losing a word or making one up (we now have revier, instead of river; celebrait instead of celebrate).


Serena said...

I think we are all in danger of losing ourselves in this hyped up world of constant, instant connection and distraction

patti.mallett_pp said...

There are always choices. Decisions on what we can let go of and what we cannot. And when we begin to implode, it's time to evaluate our lives and reasons....xoxo

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