White Space Memoirs: Creative Nonfiction Arrives (and I have HANDLING toes)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I wrote about this essay (and excerpted its first paragraph) not long ago, here, but I didn't hold the magazine in my hands until just now.

I know we live in a virtual world. But how happy I am when published on paper, and especially when published in a magazine of this caliber. Thank you, Hattie Fletcher and Creative Nonfiction. I loved writing this.

And thank you, Melissa Sarno, for the Handling the Truth polish. Leave to Sarno. Head to toes.


Cynthia Pittmann, PhD said...

Congratulations on your PAPER publication haha! We all love that sensation of seeing our name (words) in print, I think.

I wonder if the kids who grow up on the internet will feel the same way?

Serena said...

Congrats...and it looks good. I hope to check it out in person soon.

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