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Monday, September 9, 2013

And not many words, for I am exhausted. (They don't call them Red Eyes for nothing.)

But, in order: Amber, Lara, Tamra, Stephanie, of Chronicle Books, who made my day there so special. Huge thanks to all four floors of the Chronicle team—so many working so hard, and so kindly, on behalf of a book we all believe in. I held Going Over in my hands for the first time. My friends, the packaging of this book is spectacular. The people behind the book are spectacular. And Tamra Tuller is more dear than she will ever know. Thank you, too, to Ginee, for hosting a dinner I will always fondly remember, and to Summer and Esme, for being first readers.

And then, at Book Passage, where I conducted a memoir workshop with truly talented writers, and where I spent extra time with Wendy Robards, who drove hours to join us. A beautiful moment. And then the opportunity to meet Linda Joy Myers, memoir workshopper supreme, in person. I'll be having a live tele-conversation with Linda (who is also the president of the National Association of Memoir Writers) later this month. Details are here.

Later that day, at Books, Inc., another memoir workshop, and time with my first Penn student (and muse from my corporate fairytale, Zenobia), Moira Moody Kuo, who is glowing as a new mom. Moira grew up and became a great teacher herself. She also became my first student to make me a pseudo grandmother. Moira, how could you? And also: I am honored, and thank you for your gifts and card.

Early the next day, I walked miles upon miles, to see (again) parts of this city I love. The fog had rolled in. The wild sea beasts were sunning. A dog had put on its shades.

And finally, a long ride to wine country, Santa Rosa, with Brian, the best driver ever. A man who has, as it turns out, driven many friends of mine—Ruta Sepetys, Jayne Anne Phillips, D.J. MacHale, Buzz Bissinger, among them—and who makes us all feel special. I spoke to a packed room of writers at the Flamingo Resort. I also met Vicki of Copperfield Books who had, she told me, laid the groundwork for my trip out west, by making one very special request of Gotham.

I'll be forever grateful. Thank you, Gotham team, for making the trip possible.


Serena said...

Sounds like a wonderful, if tiring, time!

Melissa Sarno said...

Ahhhh! Chubby most adorable baby ever! Puppy with shades! Sun bathing sea lions! These pictures are too much for me on a Monday morning. So happy you had a beautiful trip with all of these beautiful people.

Wendy said...

A whirlwind, Beth (I don't know how you do it!!!)...and such a joy to spend time with you. I loved the workshop - what a fabulous way to spend two hours ... soaking up wisdom from one of the finest writers I know, and writing. Just wonderful. Thank you!

Summer Dawn Laurie said...

The pleasure was all mine, Beth. I'll be our early reader any time! Congratulations on the book; it is truly stunning, both inside and out.

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