Blurred Lines: Dancing the Cha Cha with Scott Lazarov. Cause sometimes you have to.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You know how sometimes you can't possibly do one more thing...and then you do? That was my today, in a nutshell.

I won't go into it. I will only say that highlights included: Taking my dear Dad to lunch at a fine Mexican restaurant. Not finishing the novel I promised to finish. Finding out that Handling the Truth was named a Top Ten Book of September by BookPage. Being less than lovely to a client (for five minutes; I'm so sorry). Taking my student, Stephanie, to dinner. But not eating dinner, so that I could go on a date with my husband for dinner. Not being ready for San Francisco. Getting ready for San Francisco.

And dancing this cha cha, with Scott Lazarov, of DanceSport Academy. My husband was doing the filming. Soon my husband and I will be dancing this together. On a stage. In front of normal people. I am not a normal person.

You gotta do what you can do.


Serena said...

You look very happy!

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