Weekend Plans: The Imaginarium of B.F. Spells and The Chestnut Hill Book Festival

Friday, September 20, 2013

For those of you not headed to the wonderful book festival at the nation's capital, here are some fun Philly events to consider.

First, on September 21, there's The Imaginarium of Dr. B.F. Spells: An Extraordinary Experience in Exposition, happening at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square and produced by Spells Writing Lab. Details are here. Diane Rodriguez Wallach and Magic and Mad Libs and More, including Dr. Radway. (We like our doctors in Philadelphia.)

Second, check out the Chestnut Hill Book Festival and Speaker Series, happening September 22 (above). Don Lee, Daniel Torday, James Hoch, Lori Tharps, Philadelphia Stories, myself, and others will be in the house. We look forward to seeing you, and details are here.


Serena said...

Alas, I will be at the National Book Festival in DC that weekend in September, but I want to send you my good wishes for a successful event.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

I found your blog through your article in the University of Pennsylvania's Gazette Magazine. I wish I could say that I had you for creative writing, but I was an LPS student at UPenn.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to come to the events in September either, but want to send my good wishes. I've had a few courses with Linda Joy Myers.

Victoria Marie Lees

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