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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It will all be clear, with just a handful of words.

These words:

Earlier today, just a few hours ago, someone I've never met, never talked to, had barely corresponded with, wrote to apologize about some confusion regarding an event. More of my time would be needed than first suggested. Two days instead of one. Two workshops instead of one. An overnight stay.

It wasn't her fault. It wasn't my fault. The expectation simply hadn't been explained. Oh, I thought. Oh, dear. For I had begun to make promises—to my husband, to myself—that I would begin to do less, not more. That I would find a soulful, peaceful place again. That I would heal a fracturing existence. That I would not go, at least this year, insane. Still, who wants to be ungracious? Who wants to make a stir? Who says no, after saying yes, after making promises?

I didn't have to. I was saved by a stranger, an act of empathy, these words:
Hey--you can still say no, if you feel over-committed and want to cut down. What woman doesn't understand that? We really welcome you to come and speak, but on the other hand, there is plenty of time to still find someone.
If this seems small to you, it is huge to me. A perfect stranger absolved me of guilt. She opened up a door.

She is my hero today. I told her so.


Serena said...

That's great, but you know that there are more gracious people like this out there and you can make time for you...all you have to do is utter the two letter word "No." I know that is hard, but it gets easier with practice

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