Leaving part of my heart in San Francisco

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The three day odyssey is almost over. I have walked this city's hills, seen old friends, lunched with quilter and blogger Wendy Robards, held a former student's baby, met Linda Joy, dined with booksellers, listened to the work of powerful memoirists, talked a lot about truth, driven in a car with a former newspaper editor, seen the America's Cup from afar, met the amazing Chronicle team, taken a Chronicle tour given by the uber cool Lara Starr, shared a meal with Lara and the quite fine Stephanie Wong, held the GOING OVER advanced readers copy in my hands, met the phenomenal designer and her muse, talked with the international rights team ( there seems to be interest!), talked food and books with Ginee Seo,



Spent rich, unforgettable time with Tamra Tuller, with whom I could talk forever, about all things.

(Yes, I presented those details out of order, but does it matter? Tamra was there through it all.)

Today that same newspaper editor will drive me to Santa Rosa so that I can meet with a writers group. And then I will come home. I will always love this misty city.



Sarah Laurence said...

Gorgeous photo of the bridge with the light coming through the clouds. Sounds like a marvelous trip. I can't wait to read GOING OVER.

Serena said...

Going Over has international interest....Yipee! I cannot wait to read this one....And so much for you to be thankful for...

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