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Monday, September 23, 2013

I made the pot.

My husband took the photos.

I cling to these words as I write, as I turn the corner, finally, on a novel that has had me kicked to to the street and that I have at long last beaten back by digging deeper. There are no short cuts in writing fiction. I don't care what label they put on the book (children's book, young adult, crossover). A book won't come alive until each character is alive, until everything is known about them.

That everything includes, to borrow a phrase by Mark Slouka, who wrote brilliantly this weekend about Paul Harding's Enon, in The New York Times Book Review, the grammar of silence.

We cannot write, or I cannot write, until, in each book, I master the grammar of silence. The places in between the action. The words that can't be said.

This took me an especially long time this time around. I didn't give up. I'm proud of that. I still have work to do.


Caroline Starr Rose said...

You always teach me so much.

Alice Elliott Dark said...

This is true, and difficult to see without time creating those spaces. Patience is so key to the whole process.
I'm so pleased you finally found the spaces.

Kelly Fineman said...

Wonderful post. Hadn't thought about "the grammar of silence" before, but the phrase won't leave my mind from now on.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

I agree with Kelly. I won't forget the phrase "the grammar of silence" for a long time. Thanks for all your insightful posts, Beth.

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