On Mercy, Handling the Truth, and Debbie Levy

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sometimes you find yourself so startlingly well understood that you have no words, not really, to express your wonder and gratitude.

That happened to me earlier today when I read these words by Debbie Levy, about Handling the Truth. Debbie is a writer I met in July, in Alexandria, VA. She is a writer with whom I had an immediate connection, and for whom I had instant affection.

In the months since I have seen her, Debbie has had to say goodbye to the mother she loved so deeply—Jutta Salzberg, who stands at the heart of Debbie's award-winning The Year of Goodbyes. In Debbie's essay, she writes the story of reading the story that is Handling the Truth. She writes about mercy, and the role it plays in our lives. For Debbie's own wisdoms, for her own talents, I urge you to read her words today.

I hope this will lead you to one of Debbie's own books.

Thank you, Debbie.

I am a step behind in writing about Beth Kephart’s new book, Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir.  Since Handling The Truth came out this past summer, this versatile and prolific writer has already geared up for release of her next book, a novel, Going Over, due out in April 2014.  But better a step behind, I figure, than not taking the journey at all, especially the journey offered by this book, which, despite its subtitle, is not just a book for memoir writers, or memoir readers, or for writers or readers of any stripe.  It works as a book for anyone who has had a childhood or a past. - See more at: http://debbielevybooks.com/2013/11/toward-mercy/#sthash.OcohB6U2.dpuf


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