Big Handling Hugs to Florinda

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I was looking for just the right photograph to thank my dear friend Florinda for her generous citation of Handling the Truth in her Best Books of 2013 list (and her subsequent discussion of the book's impact on her) and  then I found this.

I took it on a windy day in Boston. I'd escaped into the Museum of Fine Arts, found my way to an exhibition on the color pink, and was standing there all alone.

I had an entire exhibition room all to myself, alone.

I exhaled.

This is similar to what I do when I'm around Florinda, who has been such a dear friend now for a lovely few years, who served as my pronto, we didn't plan it, we loved doing it BEA publicist during the summer of 2011, and who even submitted to this YouTube video with yours truly.

Florinda, I will always be so glad that we connected. And that we remain connected, as readers and writers and friends. Thank you.


Florinda said...

What a lovely photo--thank you so much for choosing it for me! And I am planning a return to BEA this year, so perhaps we'll get a replay of our 2011 adventure.


Serena said...

Ah, the MFA has some great exhibits; and yes, Florinda is a gem! I was so happy to finally have fun with her in person when she came to DC.

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