Two dear people read Going Over, and make this gray day bright and —

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

we are very happy. We are more than happy.

First, from my long-time friend Lorie Ann Grover, whose own forthcoming YA book, a fantasy novel called Firstborn, just received a Kirkus star. Lorie Ann and I bonded through our love for young people and young people books by way of Readergirlz, where I was the inaugural writer in residence (and we had so much fun, we really did). We have remained friends ever since. Lorie Ann came to my city for ALA Midwinter and somehow—somehow—I missed her. It was astonishing today to read her words about this Berlin novel. Astonishing, and danceworthy, and no excuses next time: We must meet!

And then there is amazing Pam of Bookalicious, whom I have also never met, though we believe that we once brushed shoulders at a BEA event and managed not to realize whose shoulders we'd just brushed. Pam has been such an incredible advocate for my work. Her words—so potent—sit, among other places, on the jacket of the Small Damages paperback. Pam was one of the very first people (outside the Chronicle team) to read Going Over. She shared her copy with a gentleman on an airplane and told me the story while I was sitting in a very cold hotel room in a far-away town, while on assignment. Here are her words about the book. They are, well, Pam-alicious. And there is a giveaway.

Thank you, Lorie Ann. Thank you, Pam. Very much.


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