A new Beth Kephart website; a new 3R's interview — all here, today

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the interest of making things a little less complicated, I'm launching a new Beth Kephart website today. It's not as robust as it someday will be. It doesn't sing to you, or dance the tango. But it's a simpler place to find out the Beth facts, and you can visit here.

Also today I'm celebrating my very dear friend, Florinda, who has kindly joined the Going Over blog tour and is hosting this interview with me. Florinda is such a smart (and kind) reader. She is a truly dear soul, someone who means so much to me, as readers of this blog already know. She made an exception on her blog for me, and for this book, and I am so grateful.

Here we get the skinny on the original title for the book, my target readership, and what I want most people to know about this Berlin story. You also get a chance to win a copy of the book.

That's all here.

Thank you, sweet Florinda!


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