I see what you've done and how you've cared, he said

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Hey," my son will sometimes say. "Maybe we can see each other this weekend."

Say the word, we're there. Or he's here. And it is, as the Brits say, brilliant.

This weekend our son came here. The Devon Horse Show carriages rolling down the street. Our son rolling into town.

On Monday, we took our walk, for walking is how we do our best listening. Down the hill, past our neighbors, underneath the leafy trees, and my son began to talk about home, what it means to him, what he appreciates about the tiny house, only two bedrooms big, that has required so much work and time just to keep its warm heart beating.

I see what you have done and how you've cared, he said. And I love being there.

Maybe it's just me, but no review of anything I write or make could ever matter more.


Kelly Simmons said...

How lovely to know that someone has noticed, paid attention, borne witness. He is a very mature young man. And my daughters are still available for arranged marriages . ..

Beth Hoffman said...

Beautiful post, Beth. Walking is how I do my best listening, too.

Becca said...

Not just you. Those are the words that a mother can live on forever. I’m so happy you heard them.

Joanne R. Fritz said...

This is so sweet, Beth. What an outstanding young man you have raised. Glad you got to spend some time with him. And walking is my favorite way to talk to my sons.

A few weeks after my older son went off to college, he called to thank me for teaching him how to take care of himself. He was appalled that so many 18-yr-olds he was meeting didn't have a clue.

Serena said...

THat is so wonderful...I can only hope for that with my girl.

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