Greater Gratitudes and Farm to Table, at Blooming Glen, with Chef Lee Chizmar

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sometimes you work for a client who sees beyond the schedule and the deliverables and cares, outright, about you. This afternoon we'll travel to Blooming Glen Farm to experience a Farm to Table extravaganza—a gift from a dear client for whom we created a commemorative book. We'll spend the afternoon with our foodie/dancing/cultural arts/New Year's Eve Every Eve friends, John and Andra. We'll see what it is to take a leaf of lettuce (and other things) directly from the earth to a plate.

(and we'll wear straw hats)

In this, I am blessed.

I feel blessed, too, by the glory of last evening's celebration of a certain 21-year-old Emma, whose family has taught so many of us about love, resilience, and grace. When the Yasicks call us together, the clouds subside, the sun locks in, and sometimes, even, a rainbow blooms. They may not understand just how much they mean to us, or how dearly we hold them in our hearts, or how they cast their minor spells of wonder. We have only this to say:

In the way that you live your lives—in your integrity, kindness, and dignified exuberance, in your bequeathing search for joy, in the ways that you remember (with wonder, without regret)—we learn a greater gratitude.


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