In losing, we grow more grateful for all that we still have

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today I lost something that was important to me. It's no longer here. The one significant thing I'd bought in Berlin, a city I desperately miss. I left this artisan's work, I realize (only today, I realize), in a hotel room a few weeks ago. I've called. There's no hope for it. It's gone.

So this box of treasures is a lesser place now. So I have chastised myself all day long. For taking leave of a hotel in haste. For not being at least a little bit smarter.

(All my life, I've wished that I was smarter.)

But as much as I hate not having this jewel anymore, I've lived today feeling so blessed, too. That my loss is but material. That my loss is, in the end, so small.

There are planes falling out of the sky. There are children not coming home. There are jobs that disappear. There are flood waters inside homes. There are wars and there is terror and there is age and there is hurting and there is impossible injustice, raging.

Sometimes losing is what we need to be even more grateful for all we still have.


Serena said...

That's something I berate myself for many times. I've concluded that I will only wear those things more important to me at home or near home or where friends are...never when out of town again.

And I am still distraught over the plane crash in a town so close to me...that poor mother and all her efforts to save those two little ones...I had hoped all day before the loss was revealed that they had spent the day holiday shopping and were not home....

Marion said...

Lovely, smart and right on time. Thank you.

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