One Thing Stolen: The Shelf Awareness Review

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I read Shelf Awareness like others take on their morning cups of Joe: religiously.

And so, just now, while taking an Awareness break between invoicing and client calls, my world skipped a beat when I saw the words: YA Review: One Thing Stolen.

I had to put my hand over my heart to calm its sudden lurching.

But Kyla Paterno has been enormously generous to my Nadia and her Florence. A few words from the review here, below. The whole can be found here on Shelf Awareness, an online books and bookselling magazine that reminds us (in every issue) of the power of kindness.

Nadia's gut-wrenching descent into her unexplained illness is explored through carefully crafted narrative and the later, cautious observations of those who love her. Kephart's novel succeeds on many levels. One Thing Stolen takes the bold approach of keeping the majority of the story, all of Nadia's descent, solely in Nadia's perspective. Readers cannot easily determine if she is a reliable narrator, or if parts of her story may be delusions.... Kephart applies a deft hand and instead looks inward and asks readers to come along with Nadia and experience the danger and beauty of her world. --Kyla Paterno

Those interested in receiving an ARC of One Thing Stolen have a few days left to enter this Goodreads Giveaway. 


Serena said...

Such a great review for another great book. So happy its doing so well

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