above all else, these things I seek

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I went away to celebrate my birthday—up the Delaware River, on the New Jersey side, in the town made famous by Elizabeth Gilbert. I wore funky boots and worried about nothing and bought the coolest felt coat for close to nothing, gifts for a friend, a brass feather for my hair. Walking and walking beside my husband, who had surprised me with Frenchtown, who understood my deep need to be elsewhere.

These few things, while I was gone:

One Thing Stolen was named an April Editor's Pick by Amazon and a Top 14 YA April book by Bustle. I am grateful and humbled.

Galleys for Love: A Philadelphia Affair arrived. This book becoming a real thing, then. More gratitude.

The German edition of You Are My Only showed up in a white box. It is always deeply interesting to see a story remade in another language, announced to the world with a new image. I'm grateful for Hanser's faith in the novel.

I had many thoughts while I was away about what really matters, what makes me happiest. Family. Friendship. Time. Peace. These things I seek, above all else. You can make something special without spending lots of money. You can say love without wrapping it in a bow. You can look ahead and worry less. I keep getting better at that. Family. Friendship. Time. Peace.




Serena said...

I am so glad that you spent time away! I cannot wait to read Love: A Philadelphia Affair!

Anonymous said...

I went to Frenchtown for a day years ago and quite enjoyed it. And had a wonderful afghan for years from there, too.

Glad you enjoyed your/our birthday!

Victoria Marie Lees said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! How wonderful to get away from things and celebrate the quiet in life. My husband and I visited Frenchtown. A wonderful place to walk around, so peaceful. Glad you and your husband had an opportunity to enjoy some peace and a change of scenery.

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