On Being the Book Brahmin, on Shelf Awareness

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few months ago, I was generously invited to write a Book Brahmin column for Shelf Awareness, which appears here, today.

I loved that assignment. I still do.

Weeks have gone by since I set down my words. Nightstand books have been read and reviewed. Many new books have been bought and loved. To all of you whose books I've danced with in the interim, know that they matter deeply to me, too. And so do you.


Unknown said...

I just read your interview on Shelf Awareness. I loved that you called them out on only asking for ONE book answer, as if that is possible! There are a couple of books you mentioned that have me intrigued to add to my To Read list. Thanks!

Liviania said...

I love the Book Brahmin section. It's always full of great reading suggestions. You did a great job!

Beth Kephart said...

Liviana, thank you. It's always fun to see you here, for you are yourself, quite a good critic. And Lisa, thank you. One book. Never. Nev_ah. :)

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