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Thursday, May 21, 2015

We were the body, heart, soul, and mind—and we were together last evening at Children's Book World in Haverford, PA. (IW Gregorio, Margo Rabb, Tiffany Schmidt, Moi)

For me, it was so very personal. Time alone with the great A.S. King, who is essential in my life in ways that go far beyond the page. The stunning surprise that My Spectacular David (a last-semester student whose own mind-expanding work you will all no doubt be reading soon) pulled off—taking a long drive from his home to join the celebration. The chance to chill with the force that is Heather Hebert, whose store is, in a word, a mecca. Sister Kim and her girls, one of whom, Kathleen, is bound for glory, as you can see. Anmiryam, Anne, Jenn. Friends, familiar faces, new friends. Fishbowl questions that were, well, as you can see from the photo above, challenging. Margo Rabb—famous writer, provocateur, New York Times-er, and Salon-er, esteemed member of the literari—I now know to avoid the ink color green when questions are being passed down the line.

I was glad to have this chance to read three pages from One Thing Stolen. To give my character Maggie, who was named for a fabulous former Penn student, a moment to speak out loud. Books are one thing on the page. They are something else raised from the page. I heard my Maggie as I read those words.

Time to return to a book in progress. I'm going to go quiet for a few days as I put my thinking cap on.


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

A good time (and quite a bit of chocolate) was had by all. :-)

A.S. King said...

It was such a great night. Seeing you all up there reading your beautiful books was a joy. And seeing so many friendly faces in the audience boosted my week. xo

Serena said...

Such a great time for you!

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