"A View from the Wreckage": My student, Leah Apple, takes us inside a night of Amtrak terror

Monday, June 8, 2015

I have written often of my student Leah Apple. Of her work in my memoir class. Of her hip-hop kids of West Philadelphia. Of the evening she came for dinner and taught me all about dance and language in a far-away place called Kinmen.

But this weekend, dear Leah has spoken for herself about the terror she endured as a passenger of the ill-fated May 12 Amtrak train. She speaks of chaos. Of live wires. Of a police car and a surge of hospital guests. She speaks of seeking order.

Please read her words here. Her first published words about something that cannot happen again.

I am so, so glad you are here among us, Leah.


Serena said...

those last lines...so true!

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