invitation of a lifetime. all love to Little Flower.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

(view video by clicking on this link)

A few years ago I met a sister named Kim. She loves books and she loves the girls who love her at Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls. She loves the girls, and so she gives them books to read. She loves the girls, and so she introduces them to authors. She loves the girls, and so she builds entire book festivals on their behalf.

She loves, and she keeps doing. They come and they go from her rousing library (and classrooms).

Enter her school. Walk her halls. Meet her girls, and you can't help but love them back.

This morning I am overwhelmed by this invitation to keynote the 2016 Little Flower Teen Writers and Readers Festival. Overwhelmed to be considered, for one thing. Overwhelmed to be invited in this way. What effort, what time, what forethought went into all of this.

And how it will never be forgotten.

This is love. This is a video of a lifetime.


MissKelly said...

You will never have to read another review! Just play this video over and over.

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