let's talk about LOVE: my video interview with Gary Kramer of Temple University Press

Monday, August 24, 2015

What a pleasant thing it was to travel to the city, to meet my friend and Temple Press publicist Gary Kramer for an extended stroll through favorite places, and to be introduced to Dan Marcel, a talented videographer, photographer, and filmmaker, who created two separate videos.

First is my interview with Gary, about the making of Love: A Philadelphia Affair

The second provides a partial city tour—particularly Locust Walk, 30th Street Station, and Schuylkill Banks—as well as brief readings from the book.

Love, which has been kindly endorsed by some of Philadelphia's great leaders, will launch in early September. On October 7, at 7:30, I'll be celebrating its release on the Free Library of Philadelphia stage with broadcast legend Marciarose Shestack. Please consider joining us there. 

Dan Marcel is a marvel—well-named, I've told him. You can find out more about his Marcelevision Media here; I highly recommend him. Please listen, too, to the original song, "Trailing Whispers," written and performed for the second production by Dan's mother, Susan.

Gary Kramer (who is not just Temple's publicist but a powerhouse film critic, a Salon.com writer, a Bryn Mawr Film Institute lecturer, among other things):. You made this happen and I could talk to you forever. Thank you.


Melissa Sarno said...

Beth, you're always so articulate and passionate when you speak. One of the many things I admire about you. These videos are very inspiring and they make me miss chatting with you!

Becca said...

I simply LOVE the things you do, your perspective, your introspection, your warmth, your sensitivity. So proud to know you. So inspired by you. Congratulations on what I know will be another beautiful book.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

I agree with Melissa and Becca, Beth. Your words, your poetry in motion inspire so many. The interview, the reading are words of wisdom from which all may learn how to be a better writer. Thank you for this. It is a great pleasure to know you. Congratulations on another fine book to add to your growing library.

womenswrites said...

Fantastic videos! You are an inspiration!

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