books and mud: remembering the flooding of the Arno (and One Thing Stolen)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oh, bless that Taylor Norman of Chronicle Books, forever uplifting, forever near. Her email of yesterday shared this news that the 50th anniversary of the terrible flooding of Arno will be honored in San Francisco's own American Bookbinders Museum.

This was the natural and cultural catastrophe that inspired my novel One Thing Stolen (Chronicle Books). This forever-proximate possibility of culture (and the art of the mind) being lost to forces beyond anyone's control.

As Matthew barrels down on this earth, as natural disasters hovers, as we keep looking for more credible ways to feel secure, this story of the Arno spilling into and across a great city, into the rooms of great museums, into the basements of churches, into homes and shops is pressingly relevant. This story of those Mud Angels who brought their wings to the resurrection of that place still matters.

We depend on one another to see each other through. To dig down into the muck and salvage beauty.

My praise, then, to the American Bookbinders Museum. And my thanks to Taylor, for letting me know.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

As always, Beth, your posts and your books are resonant in today's world. I’m thinking of Hurricane Katrina and the Mississippi and Hurricane Sandy that hit our region. We do indeed need Angels in this world who help others without a second thought. We are blessed. All the best, my dear!

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