when music and community are our shelter: Musicalia, in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Saturday, February 18, 2017

I keep searching for beauty. It is our imperative. To keep finding the best of ourselves, the humanity within ourselves, the tenderness, the good.

And so I spent a few hours last Friday listening to the Musicalia Ensemble rehearse for its upcoming performance at St. John's Presbyterian Church—a free concert of international folk music, to be held at St. John's in Devon, PA, this Sunday 5 PM. I wrote about Iris, the piano-playing Cuban musician who created this exquisite series, and the Harvey sisters, whose cello and violin further elevate it, and the dedication to song that binds a community in need of a non-rancorous hour.

That story appears in this Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer.

All are welcome.


Unknown said...

As I sat down with my cup of tea to catch up on some newspapers I had saved I chanced upon your article in The Inquirer. I felt as if I was walking into that rehearsal and then listening to the music with you. What a wonderful writing style! I'm sorry that I read the article several days after the concert....but, so glad I didn't toss out this past Sunday's paper before reading what you wrote.

Beth Kephart said...

Edna! So grateful for this. Thank you. I'm glad you found us, too.

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