Tell the Truth. Make It Matter. (cover reveal)

Friday, May 19, 2017

A few days ago I shared some of the interior pages of a memoir workbook long in the making here at Juncture.

Today I share the cover and the promotional copy:
In Tell the Truth. Make It Matter. Beth Kephart offers an insider’s look at the
making of true tales—and an illustrated workbook to guide the wild ride. Combining smartly selected samples with abundantly fresh ideas, dozens of original exercises with cautions, questions with answers, Kephart inspires, encourages, and persistently believes in those with a story to tell.

Write this, Truth says. Read this. Consider this. Discover who you are. Have some honest fun with words.

Truth could not come from a more authoritative source—Beth Kephart, who, as
an award-winning writer of 23 books, an award-winning teacher at the University of Pennsylvania, a winner of the 2013 Books for a Better Life Award (motivational category) for Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir, a nationally renowned speaker, and a partner in Juncture Writing Workshops, has mastered the art of leading readers and writers toward the stories of themselves.

Truth should find a home among high school teachers, college professors, workshop leaders, autodidacts, secret writers and public ones. It is the perfect (graduation, birthday, holiday, friendship) gift—to others, and to oneself.

We expect the book to go live on Amazon in approximately two weeks. I'll provide the link then.


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