Zumba Joy on Thanksgiving Morning

Thursday, November 26, 2009

For many of us (and I am most assuredly part of that us), these past many months have changed the way we go about our business. With less to spend, we think harder when we spend. With fewer options, we "shop" in our own closets. We light candles at our meals, as if ambiance were itself a savory something. We find great joy in the simple things—in dreams shared over tea, in walks among the falling leaves, in books long in our possession.

This morning, at Club La Maison, I found that joy, again, in Brenda's Zumba class—in how the so many of us made room for the so many more, for those sisters and friends who had come from out of town and took the dancing risk. Sometimes we are gypsies in Zumba. Sometimes we are Mexican cowgirls. Sometimes we are dancing Bollywood, and sometimes African rhythms, and sometimes, yes, we wear boas around our necks, and heaven help anyone who has not joined in, but is only standing there watching. The thing about Brenda and Zumba is that it locks nobody out. The door is always open to this essential, simple joy.

Happy Thanksgiving.


woman who roars said...

Have some extra pie after that work out!

I think candles do add more than just ambience - a simple meal becomes something special enough for the people around the table.

Kirthi said...

Wow, the picture of candles is amazing! Brenda Zumba's class sounds like so much fun, I'm jealous :D
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Maya Ganesan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beth! You have so much to be thankful for today, including the fantastic Zumba class you had this morning.

Enjoy the weekend.

(thanks for the note at my blog, it means a lot to me :))

septembermom said...

Wow! That sounds like fun! You deserve some yummy pie after all that exercise :)

Happy Thanksgiving Beth!

Becca said...

I'm just fascinated with your posts about the Zumba class. I can't imagine what a boost to the spirit and the engery level that must be!

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