In which I am blown away by Seussical

Saturday, March 5, 2011

All I had to do was look to my left and see my father's full-on smile to know that "Seussical" had put a little magic into every last soul in the sold-out Radnor High auditorium today.  I have my friends Elizabeth Mosier and Chris Mills to thank for including me in this utterly remarkable afternoon at my alma mater.  Alison and Cat, Elizabeth and Chris's two brilliantly talented (and, as you can see for yourself, beautiful) daughters, lit up the stage alongside nearly 100 other impeccably dressed and rehearsed actors, singers, and dancers (including the daughter of my former squash mate at Penn).  Pictures can't really say it all about a production as first-rate, fluid, and endearing as this one.  But they're all I have to give.


Q said...

Performances in high school were some of the best experiences of my life. I felt powerful, confident, resplendent––in a way I've never felt at any other time. That change from ordinary student to focused, energetic performer is the reason, I think, school performances can be so remarkable.

Erin said...

This show is SUCH a fun one.

Okie said...

My little sister was in a Junior High production of this five or six years ago. I went not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. It's a charming little musical.

I don't think I'd want to pay Broadway scale ticket prices to see it, but I'd definitely enjoy seeing a "lower scale" production of it again.

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