Love (and a weekend of goodness)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Following a too-long week of work, I spend the weekend with friends, beautiful people who keep me grounded in the things that finally matter.  You might think that this is a photograph of Mike and Aideen during opening night of "Willy Wonka," in which their daughter starred, and that would be true.  But it is also a photograph that I might title, simply, "Love."

I was thinking about that word, love, following the show last evening while we danced with friends, and I was thinking about it this morning at the early Body Combat at the gym (all us women pumping the air as Teresa egged us fistfully on), and I will be thinking about it later this afternoon, as I sit beside my dad and watch the daughters of Elizabeth Mosier and Chris Mills take their starring roles in "Seussical" at my old haunt, Radnor High.  I might read on Sunday (I shall not, I promise myself, work), and on Monday it's to the Philadelphia Flower Show with Jan Suzanne, one of my city's greatest lights, a lady who will conquer the epidemic of hunger in north Philadelphia (the nation's second hungriest congressional district) if anybody can.

Did I mention that the sun is out, and that I have opened my window, and that my friend Janet just sent me a photograph of her season's first snowdrop?  Is winter, perhaps, behind us?  And isn't spring another word for love?


Elizabeth Mosier said...

We're so pleased that you and your dad will be there, Beth! You will LOVE "Seussical"! xo

Becca said...

There is something so uplifting about watching young people perform. It always lifts my spirits. How wonderful to have two such opportunities in one week!

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