My interview with Pamela Paul, the NYT children's book editor

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We'd been in London until late last night, celebrating the christening of this enormously special little boy.  Among the packages we'd carried with us was this beguiling deluxe pop-up version of The Little Prince, the Antoine de Saint-Exupery story that has never lost its magical glean. (We also brought Felix The Man in the Moon, the gorgeous new book by William Joyce.)

Pamela Paul, who was named the fifth children's book editor at the The New York Times earlier this year, has an innate understanding of the importance of books made for children and has radically transformed their coverage since taking on the role.  I began to notice the changes some time around April.  The conversation was deepening.  The reportage was growing broader.  There was more children's book talk, not just on the weekend, but during the week.  Melissa Walker was having her New York Times Book Review moment.  We were being treated to behind-the-scenes conversations that I found frankly thrilling. There were more back-page essays exploring the influence of early books on readers.  Who, I wondered, was behind all this? What magic was she working behind the scenes?  What else could the rest of us expect to see as the weeks and months went on?

A few weeks ago, Pamela Paul graciously agreed to a conversation about this and more for Publishing Perspectives.  I'm honored today to share that conversation with you and to suggest that our future is in extraordinary hands.

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KFP said...

London! And here I was worrying if everything was OK because you didn't seem to be posting as often as usual. ( :

Great interview here with lots of exciting news re children's book coverage. I tweeted the link so more people can know this.

I didn't even know about the publication Publishing Perspectives so thanks for the introduction.

Serena said...

I just read this. Wonderful interview and conversation. I enjoyed it and look forward to checking out the Children's pages. London sounds like a great place to be. Have fun and enjoy those moments.

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