Yes Yes Y'All and other books on my son's syllabus

Monday, January 16, 2012

My son's major is advertising.  His special interest is the world: How does an ad that plays well in Mexico, for example, play in France?  How must it be adapted?  How do cultural expectations and local myths influence how people both look for and receive messages?

It's a line of inquiry that he has come to on his own, a course of study magnificently facilitated by a university that offers courses with titles that could be lines torn from poetry.

Case in point:  This semester, my son will be studying the history of hip-hop.  I didn't quite know what that meant until I received the book list from the book store (and that only because the books were bought with my credit card).

Don't you just love a course that asks its students to buy titles like these?

Black Bourgeoisie
Blues Legacies and Black Feminism
Hard Core
Hip-Hop Revolution in the Flesh
Reinventing Africa
Sound Clash
Yes Yes Y'All


Maya Ganesan said...

That's absolutely fantastic and made me smile :) What an awesome course that's going to be.

David Stanton said...

His interest is very close to market research, which is what my company does. Hope he continues to find ways to explore this passion. (My son is very big into hip hop ... he says I am a "hipster," though -- which is something between a hippie and a poseur. In other words, very not cool.) :-)

patti.mallett_pp said...

David, you made me laugh!

Love this list and knowing what's ahead for this semester!

Hi Beth!

Serena said...

Those look like great books for an interesting class...Something I would have delved into had my alma mater offered it.

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