Looking ahead to YoungArts in Miami, welcoming my students

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This year the National YoungArts Foundation received some 10,000 applications for its extraordinary program celebrating emerging artists in the visual, literary, and performing arts fields.  The teen finalists—152 of them—are now just a few weeks away from participating in YoungArts Week in Miami, a program designed to celebrate their talents, to extend their reach, and to engage them in conversation and exercises that will hopefully shape their way of seeing and doing for years to come.

As the Master Teacher for the 24 young writers who were selected for the program (writing being just one of nine celebrated disciplines), I am blessed.  I'll be teaching in the city's botanical gardens.  I'll be asking the students to come prepared with a brief autobiography of their hair, a declaration about the books that have changed their perception of both story and language, and a photograph of themselves that firmly divides a Before from an After.  We'll explore the garden in search of telling details, weatherscapes, and invisible, essential forces.  We will write bird song and water rush.  We will assimilate and empathize.

I am eager to meet the young writers. I am eager to learn from the program's other master teachers and presenters—Marisa Tomei, Bobby McFerrin, Bill T. Jones, Debbie Allen, Joshua Bell, and Adrian Grenier, among others.  I am eager to spend some time in Miami.

But first things first.  Today I officially welcome my students, who will be arriving from San Francisco, Birmingham, Holladay, Boonton, and all manner of places in between.

Congratulations, and welcome:

Alexa Derman
Julia Hogan
Flannery James
Libbie Katsev
Lois Carlisle
Allison Cooke
Stefania Gomez
Peter Laberge
Amy Mattox
Kathleen Radigan
Laura Rashley
Lila Thulin
Victoria White
Catherine Wong
Kathleen Cole
Amanda Crist
Emily Hittner-Cunningham
Anne Hucks
Natalie Landers
Annyston Pennington
Anne Malin Ringwalt
Lizza Rodriguez
Frances Saux
Ashley Zhou


Michael G-G said...

Oh my. This founds like a feast for the soul.

Unknown said...

Hello Beth, I am the Writing Discipline Coordinator for YoungArts and am happy to welcome you aboard. I have sent your assignment to all the students and received one confirmation of completion, but she/they do not know where to send their work. If you will please email me with instructions, I will tell them all how to proceed. I look forward to meeting you in Miami Beach.
Mary Lee Adler mladler6@gmail.com

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