Bruce Springsteen sings "Chimes of Freedom" at the Berlin Wall

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This morning, putting together my play list for the GOING OVER blog tour (thank you, Lara Starr and Chronicle Books), I found myself transfixed by this video of our own Bruce Springsteen singing Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom" to the East Berliners one year before the wall came down.

Look at the faces of that crowd. Look at him. I can't even speak. Watch all the way through, as Springsteen answers an interviewer's questions about the people of Berlin.

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Victoria Marie Lees said...

Hello, Beth. I realize that I am a small potato in the stew of online blogs, but if I may assist with your blog tour on my Adventures in Writing blog, I would be happy to do so. Good luck with everything. The book sounds wonderful!

Unknown said...

Beth, I can barely breathe after watching that.
I would love to have you visit my fairly eclectic blog at . I'm looking forward to reading Going Over - it sounds inspiring.

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