The GOING OVER excerpt: a first look at the inside pages

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Chronicle Books has made Going Over, the Berlin novel due out on April 1, a priority—and I feel that every day. In their enthusiasm, in their ideas, in their innovations, in their just plain them-ness, they are united; they are engaged. "Reach out anytime," Sally Kim, who leads the marketing effort, said to me last evening, during a call she most certainly did not have to make. I appreciate these things, wholly.

I'll be sharing more about Berlin and the wall and the heartache and the possibilities as the launch countdown begins in earnest. Today I share a Going Over excerpt—a link made possible by the Chronicle team. This is the book. This is how my two characters—Ada and Stefan—speak of their separate worlds. This is Berlin, 1983.


Melissa Sarno said...

Ah! I only read a few pages because I want to be surprised and then savor the real thing but what I read is awesome! Looking forward to April : )

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