Celebrating Sister Kim, the force (with K.M. Walton) behind the Teen Writing Festival at Little Flower High School

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sister Kim believes in authors. Boy, does she ever. She believes in them, supports them, spreads the word to her students, and now her students are gigantic believers and supporters, too.

In April, Little Flower Catholic High School, Sister Kim's home, will be throwing a huge teen festival, featuring 20 area authors. K. M. Walton helped turn the idea into a reality. We authors are pretty pumped. And today the Philadelphia Daily News is helping to tell the story, with this fantastic article by Dan Geringer.

Since I'm cited in the story as one who enthusiastically blogs about these students, I feel a responsibility to prove that this is true. Check this out, then. And smile all day.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

How wonderful, Beth. It couldn't have happened to a better writer. I love to hear about schools welcoming and enjoying writer visits and reading and discussing their books. Thanks for sharing. ~Victoria Marie Lees

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