In this weekend's Philadelphia Inquirer: in the cold heart of a dystopian winter, we escaped to Wilmington

Saturday, February 22, 2014

... and I write of our adventure here, with thanks, as ever, to Kevin Ferris. The story begins like this, below, and introduces a restaurant of unexpected delicious-ness (La Fia Bakery + Market + Bistro, created by Brian Sikora).  The full story is here.

We were refugees—two of among hundreds of thousands in the sudden snap of cold and dark.  We had listened to the savaging of trees, the terrible torque and release of high-up limbs We had feared for our rooftops, our abandoned cars, the iced utility lines that hung like glassy staffs between tilting poles. We had succumbed to the dissipation of heat and waited for trains that did not run and there was the sound of sirens further on—trouble that far exceeded ours.
            February 5, 2104. The ice storm had come.


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