My husband's art goes on sale, for the first time

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have written here (and in Good Housekeeping) of my relationship to clay—tentative at best, inexpert, always.

I have written of my affection for the Wayne Art Center, and of the friends that I've made there.

But this afternoon I'm announcing something very special. Following nearly 30 years of marriage to an artist—architect, illustrator, photographer, 3-D image maker—my husband's work is, for the first time, going to be shared in an exhibition/sale.

Pottery has proven to be the perfect medium for Bill's many talents. He's asked me not to gush, and so I won't. I hope the pieces pictured above tell you at least some of the story, and if you're interested in seeing more—not just of Bill's work but of the incredible work of nearly three dozen clay artists— please join us at the Wayne Art Center, June 5 through June 8, more details here.

I'll be manning the table on Bill's behalf Thursday morning.


Serena said...

Wonderful...I wish I could be there and check it out. But the image you include here has some great lines and could be his?!

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