Miranda Kephart, my niece, dazzles with a foxtrot (and turns 21)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My niece, Miranda Kephart, will soon turn 21. Having made her way to Yale with countless science credits and awards, Miranda soon emerged as a truly stellar ballroom dancer—learning the steps, and the artistry, at lightning speed. This foxtrot was filmed at Yale's 2014 Spring Show, and Miranda's old aunt (that would be me) watches it through teary eyes.

Happy Almost Birthday, Miranda.

And Happy Already Birthday, Owen. (Owen being Miranda's brother, who dazzled the Beth Blog World last year with this amazing Rubik's Cube performance and who is now settled in for his first year of college.)


Serena said...

Beth, you must be so proud...she is beautiful.

the garden harlot said...

Beth, this is Jen Hetrick. I have a long river-finding assistance email to send you, but Yahoo isn't working, and I don't have your email address saved except in Yahoo. I will be sure to get the information to you as soon as I can. I was so excited to have prepared it all and keep trying Yahoo, but they're having technical difficulties.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

I did not celebrate my 21st birthday in nearly such style!

Yes, they are Young and Beautiful.

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